Advertising Advertising works with you to build a demand focused portfolio that cultivates engagement and transactions within your virtual showroom.  Our advertising solution allows you to reach the right shopper at the right time with the right message throughout the entire car buying and ownership process. Advertising is: Paid Search


Key Features:
  • Ads served on every major ad network. 
  • Mobile-first philosophy; expanded text ads, mobile call extensions, structured snippets, and automated vehicle price and lease extensions.
  • Co-op friendly ads integrate incentives and dynamically update with inventory based on inventory feeds. 
  • vAuto enhanced inventory campaigns, showcase your vehicle's  highest rated attributes as they relate to your local market. Retargeting

  Key Features:
  • A proven way to turn digital "be-backs" into customers. 
  • Retargeting campaigns deliver specifically curated galleries of relevant vehicles to your prospects after they leave your site. 
  • Ads reflect your pricing, specials, and photos, keeping each customer connected to your dealership.
  • Ads can show on websites your shoppers browse across the web as well as social media sites like Facebook. Programmatic Display Advertising

Key Features: 
  • Influences shoppers in the research and consideration phases of the car buying journey. 
  • Ensures you're targeting the right shoppers by using advanced audience targeting technology.
  • Reaches shoppers on any and all devices. 
  • Partnerships with White Ops & the Trustworthy Accountability Group (TAG) help keep your investment safe from bot fraud.


Facebook Advertising 

Key Features:
  • Generates demand by marketing your inventory to specifically targeted
    audiences across Facebook. Audiences can be targeted using retargeting or lookalike audience technology.
  • Campaigns can be brand or inventory-centric and are activated effortlessly to immediately begin increasing brand awareness and site engagement. Ad format options offer flexibility and are chosen strategically based on your goals. 

Ad Types:
  • Image/Carousel Ads: Display up to four vehicles in a carousel ad. 
  • Dynamic Vehicle Ads: Each ad dynamically pulls in inventory to present to the viewer based on previous behaviors. 
  • Lead Ads: With two simple clicks, customers can easily submit a request for more information from the convenience of their Facebook Newsfeed.



Key Features: 
  • Generate demand by marketing your inventory through this
    new and compelling channel.
  • Campaigns can be brand or inventory-centric and are activated
    effortlessly to immediately begin increasing brand awareness and
    site engagement. 

Digital Strategy 

Success begins with partnership. 
Our teams proactively partner with you to align your strategy and budget with our technology. Once your dealership's campaigns are underway, your dedicated Digital Strategist monitors them on your behalf. Through strategic conversations to better understand your goals, our teams optimize your campaigns for results and provide detailed monthly insights.

Compass Digital Strategy Tool
Compass is 
an exclusive breakthrough from and Cox Automotive, Compass uses exclusive marketing intelligence to create a fully customized digital marketing strategy for YOUR dealership.
Using previous campaign performance, Cox Automotive industry-exclusive data, and leading Polk market intelligence data, Compass generates a data-driven budget and portfolio recommendation to help you reach your market, on your terms, on every key digital channel. Your sales data and dealership-specific goals further enhance this strategy, creating a complete marketing plan that is optimized for both reach and ROI.


How Does Compass Work?

STEP 1: Overview

Your Digital Strategist works with you to use Compass to define your area of interest. A primary and supplemental market radius is chosen. Markets can be defined by radius, zip code, or DMA.

STEP 2: Vehicle Sales

After choosing your area of interest, choose your level of focus on new or used vehicles. Specify specific subsets of new or used vehicles you need to focus on the most to make the biggest impact to your vehicle sales. You can also choose to conquest the competition.

STEP 3: Branding

Identify the degree to which you want to focus on dealership branding (e.g. "ROIMOTORS Honda") versus OEM branding (e.g. "Honda Dealers Burlington, VT"). 

STEP 4: Fixed Ops

Identify your focus on the Service, Parts, and Body Shop divisions of your business. Specify any specific services (e.g. oil change), parts (e.g. tires), or body shop work (e.g. "dent removal") that you want to focus on. 

STEP 5: Choose Your Strategy

Decide which budget and strategy plan is right for your dealership to generate and capture demand in your market. Work with your Digital Strategist to implement this plan.