Content and Creative

Managed Content & Creative’s professional Campaign Coordinators and Graphic Designers are dedicated to creating compelling, strategic website content that increases on-site engagement and aligns with your campaign strategy and dealership goals. Our Campaign Coordinators develop your campaigns according to your specific dealership, group, and OEM identity.

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Content and Creative benefits include:

  • A collaborative structure, backed by professional specialists for efficient campaign management.
  • Monthly campaign creation highlighting OEM incentives dealership specials, and other dealership events.
  • Automotive-specific expertise to inform and deliver strategic marketing and design needs for today's automotive dealer.
  • A team of experienced graphic designers ready to create visually engaging and effective custom creative assets.

General Campaign Overview

Our Content and Creative team leverages unique partnerships with OEMs to build approved campaigns using the most up-to date and manufacturer compliant media. This reduces time spent gathering assets, resulting in cost savings and creative alignment. Digital campaigns are coordinated, initiated, and managed for optimal impact.

Each campaign can include:

  • Homepage Slideshow Images
  • Campaign Landing Pages
  • Landing Page Banners
  • Creative for Specials
  • Creative for Social Visibility

Campaign Asset Explanations



Slides are the focal point of your home page which highlight your most important initiatives in a vivid, consecutive sequence. Visually engaging creative entices visitors to move deeper into the site.



Banners appear at the top of landing pages as fixed graphics, just below your page header. These assets highlight and reinforce the most important initiatives of your integrated campaign.



Specials are grouped within your specials pages, which are dedicated to your multiple profit centers. Showcase your monthly promotions for vehicle offers, fixed ops, F&I, events, etc.

Display Ads

Display Ads

If you are subscribed to our Advertising services, our creative team will design a display ad set for the campaign. A set will include 3 sizes: leaderboard, medium rectangle, and wide skyscraper.

Other Assets Available with Premium

Additional Asset Sizes Available with Premium Content & Creative

If you are subscribed to Premium Content & Creative you will have access to the following campaign asset types:

  • Facebook Creative
  • Pandora Creative
  • Inventory Overlays
  • Buttons