Websites Websites
Create and control a complete virtual showroom. Websites deliver unmatched mobile and desktop flexibility, personalized shopping and deal-marking, comprehensive vehicle merchandising, and groundbreaking connectivity with Autotrader®, Kelley Blue Book®, and other Cox Automotive solutions. This unrivaled combination transcends traditional website limitations, allowing you to optimize every aspect of your digital marketing strategy.

Our mobile-first philosophy merges the simplicity of responsive design with server side elements to create a customizable mobile experience.

NEW Centralized Back-End Interface
The all-new Cox Automotive ControlCenter anchors your complete digital showroom, helping you manage your complete website experience, analyze your digital performance, and strategize your entire Cox Automotive digital marketing investment-all from a single-sign on platform.

Personalized Shopping Experiences leverages data from Cox Automotive partners Autotrader and Kelley Blue Book to deliver personalized shopping experiences on our websites. With enhanced inventory recommendations, data targeting and OEM incentive integration, our Experience Optimization Package drives better website engagement by getting shoppers in front of the vehicles and specials that matter most to them.

New Vehicle Deals Pages has turned vehicle details pages into personalized Vehicle Deals Pages, delivering a more transparent and trustworthy user experience with high-resolution vehicle imagery, a more intuitive digital retailing workflow, Kelley Blue Book dealer reviews, and mobile-first collapsible features and specifications.

MyCars™ Vehicle Shopping Cart
MyCars encourages continuous shopper engagement by providing a list of recently viewed cars with the option to save them and sign up for price or sold alerts.
Competitive Pricing Display
Instant ePrice improves the shopping experience by driving customer research intent. Leveraging MyCars, shoppers can discover more competitive pricing across multiple vehicles. The result is increased visibility for Dealers into shopper interest and engagement data.

Automated Inventory Video Creation
Video increases website engagement and shopper interest in your inventory. Our proprietary Carflix® technology automatically generates compelling inventory videos with authentic voice narration using data from your vehicle's VIN. Our videos are proven to increase vehicle details page views and increase time-on-site.
Secure Browsing and Retailing
Enjoy peace of mind and secure online retailing with site-wide HTTPS encryption.

Comprehensive Inventory Merchandising
From configurable pricing and specials to automated inventory exports and OEM incentives integration, websites make profitable inventory merchandising easy. Connected tools bring vehicle pricing, incentives and marketing data to your digital showroom.